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Did you know that chiropractors not only adjust the spine? Chiropractors in Spartanburg SC are not only trained to adjust the spine to restore normal transmission of nerve impulses, but they also restore normal function of other joints of the body such as the joints of the upper extremity (fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and even your TMJ!) as well as the lower extremity (toes, ankle, knee, and hip). Some benefits of having a chiropractor adjust other joints of the body include:

Proper Body Mechanics in Spartanburg SC

Having proper motion within a joint is crucial for longevity and pain free movement. Having optimal alignment of your joints allows for optimal body mechanics through life, work, and exercise. Without proper alignment you can put abnormal stress on your spine that can lead to compensation and nerve pressure. Proper joint mechanics and alignment not only allows you to move correctly but to be more active. If you have a joint in your ankle that is not moving correctly, it can affect your kinetic chain of motion and throw everything else off. It can lead to compensation elsewhere in your body that can be felt as weakness, soreness, or even tightness, all of which could lead to injury. Having proper alignment of a joint allows for proper mechanics and pain free movement!

Pain Reduction

Pain can be felt directly or indirectly (which is known as referred pain). Referred pain is when you feel pain in an area of your body that doesn’t seem to have connection to the actual problem area. Did you know that pain in your shoulder can be commonly caused by a subluxation in your neck or upper back? Chiropractors are trained to correct the misalignment of your spine as well as the misalignment of your extremity joints. The misalignments can put pressure on nerves and stretch ligaments and tendons. When proper alignment is restored, pressure is released from nerves, and ligaments and tendons are now in their optimal alignment.

Improved Joint Health

All joints in the body, whether they are in the spine or not, depend on the spine to function properly. When the spine is not properly aligned, there is improved nerve communication out to the muscles and joints of the body. Inflammation in the joints can even be directly linked to spinal misalignments. With improvements in joint health, you can expect greater longevity in having an active lifestyle and improved performance.

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